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Widow Home “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” – James 1:27 There are many such women who are widows or their husbands have left them with some or the other reason and have got no place to live in. Such women they need someone who can support them. They need a helping hand through which they can start their new life. So, Widow Home is our project that we want to start. Through Widow Home we want to provide them a safe place to live where their daily needs are met. Here, they will be provided with nutritious meals, clean clothes, and proper medical care. In our Widow Home we will train them in whatever field they want and through which they can get good opportunities of jobs, so that through which they will have a confidence of living and we will guide them and show them a way to lead a better life. They can keep themselves busy so that they can forget their past and can live a happy and fruitful life. In many developing countries the exact numbers of widows, their ages and other social and economic aspects of their lives are unknown. In some regions, girls become widows before reaching adulthood. Many of these widows suffer abuse and exploitation at the hands of family members and others. Widows suffer from the loss of social status and marginalization. Widows now requires urgent attention at all levels of society, given the extent and severity of the discrimination they experience. Today, millions of the world’s widows, of all ages, endure extreme poverty, ostracism, violence, homelessness, ill health and discrimination in law and custom. Our mission is one of simplicity, to love, serve, and give hope to people who are marginalized and forgotten. Our Aim is to organize and build simple homes for widows which will provide them shelter from the elements. Most importantly they are a huge blessing to the women and children who live in them. Many widows have been quit from their homes after the death of their bread winners. Some have had their family houses built by their husbands confiscated by their husbands’ relations and left in the lurch with their children and have nowhere to live. In response to God’s call to care for widows (James 1:27, Isaiah 1:17), we plan to establish a home for widows. The objective is to see a complete change in society where widows are respected and are considered valuable. In, order for this to happen, there needs to be a transformation of the whole “person” – physically, emotionally, and spiritually (the full Gospel). We believe transformation can only come through a saving knowledge of Christ. • This home is to be a place of disciplining and training where different skills can be imparted to help them to be self-employed. • To give them a sense of value. • Widows with physical or mental needs can reside here and spend their time in peace and dignity. • Biblical instruction and counseling will be given to help people grow in the knowledge of Christ. • Many of the widows have small children accompanying them so we believe children’s ministry needs to be an important part of this home. Many children are growing up without any Godly input. • The basic values for life are developed in the early years so we feel responsible to ensure that children are given a chance to develop strong foundations. • Empowering them by encouraging independence, self-respect & education about rights. Activities of Widow Home As widows are very much on God’s heart, we are committed to show God’s love through the two-handed Gospel - by disciplining them and in a practical way providing them with skills to help them to fit back into society. We see the widows as individuals, precious in the eyes of God and desire to treat them with that same respect, not as mere numbers in an institution. • We plan to have widows living in the home as well as widows coming in daily to learn and earn through various micro enterprises i.e. pickle, peanut butter and jam making, baking, tailoring, etc. These articles will be sold in a shop, which will be located on the same property and in other venues. • As well as being a place to cater for the needs of widows, it will also be used to run various training schools and seminars. • Children’s ministry will be a part of this home especially as some widows will come with small children. • Initially we will build only the first floor as time and finances permit. We are planning a 3-4 story building. It can accommodate at least 140 members. “We have considered it imperative to build an estate for them to provide comfortable homes for them and equally give them other basic necessities of life and make life meaningful to them,” “It’s a very expensive project. That is why we are appealing to individuals, private and Christian organizations, to support us. We need land, we need furniture, we need skill acquisition equipment among other facilities.” Facilities Provided: Our Widow Home will be located in very pleasant, peaceful green surrounding in Udaipur. Below listed are the facilities provided in the Widow Home.  Prayer Room  Library  Indoor Games  Walking Track  Well Furnished Bedrooms with attached Bathrooms.  Peaceful green surroundings with trees.  Vegetable and Fruits plantation.  Regular Medical Diagnosis and Check up.  Well Furnished Kitchen and Dining Hall.  Common Hall.  Elevator facilities.  Volunteers will be there to help. The first Widow Home will be constructed in Udaipur, Rajasthan and then after that we will construct such Widow Homes in entire Rajasthan. All the details regarding our ministry is available on our website www.lordourrighteousness.org